Technology Journalism: Robo-Journalists

The awkward moment when you hit “Save” rather than “Publish” and so hand in a blog post late…

– Nikolày

I understand technology journalism as journalism focused on technology, but I also came across a semi-related sector of journalism I had no idea existed – and it’s too cool not to share: robo-journalists.


Now if you’re anything like me, hearing the name “robo-journlists” immediately conjures up the mental image of Robocop sitting in an editors room, slaving away over the next big scandal. While the reality isn’t as iconically awesome as that, it’s still pretty cool.

Over the last couple of years, organisations such as the Associated Press have been using automated algorithms that are able to produce earning reports that ultimately result in approximately three and a half thousand stories per financial quarter.

As of last year, Reuters has also partnered with tech company Wibbitz in order to create an algorithm that is able to automatically create digital video packages for news events as soon as pictures, information and video clips become available. While the robo-journalism technology is primarily intended to create digital video to summarise European football matches, it is planned to develop such technology to cover all sorts of news genres.

May as well throw in the towel, by the time I finish this Journalism degree, I could very well be redundant.


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