How to employ Data Visualization?

Visualization is a graphical representation of data descriptions that is intended to reveal the complex information in the data at a glance. Data journalism visualization is the application of visualization in the field of journalism, integrating data with news value, serving the needs of communicating news and satisfying the audience’s access to information


(Google Image)

Using visualization is able to more effectively show news value. Data can tell the truth as well as news can tell the truth, they are consistent from a perspective of news value. And data is a more intuitive form of storytelling. Through the visualization, the most of the useful data can be integrated, more effectively, more intuitively and more interestingly to attract the audience. Moreover, through the various elements of the news and events related to the integration of factors that lead to the reader’s thinking, extend the impact of news and related aspects.


(Google Image)

Well, in my opinion, data visualization is not a panacea for data presentation and cannot be blindly used. It is not advisable to visualize the data when the news story can be successfully reported in a traditional journalism way or if the data of the news story is not enough or lack of relevance.


(Google Image)


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