Advancing into an impeding future

Image 1

Touching down with regards to what has been discussed so far, what can we come to expect from the future of news? More specifically, the next generation platforms and content production and consumption. The ‘google glass’ project for example, was an attempt to progress into Web 3.0 where communication interaction was tailored to fit and accommodate the independent audience behaviours that seem to come more and more into their own in regards to news production and consumption.

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The internet as an open global network has changed the business of media to one that involves more emotions, power and sourcing on the audiences’ part. This empowered ability of ‘citizen journalism’ has brought about questions of credibility, quality and authority of news in kind. With google glass’s user-centred functionality and semi-isolated environment, does it empower audiences further into a corner that renders media professions obsolete?

Image 3

Traditionally, the media had the power as gatekeepers of information. Then came Web 2.0, where the media had to take a step back to the growing public control and updated their role as ‘bridges of information’. As a bridge, the media still engaged in their involvement in steering and facilitating new conversation. However, with the advent of a new web generation, will public control turn into total domination? Could the public reclaim the role as gatekeepers in a vice versa spin with the nature of news, dubbed ‘attention economics’ is transforming further to adapt to the audience rather than audience to news.

Image 4

The reliance of news on social media and online networks have also brought about A.I.-curated news, which further stress the question of how all these replacements will affect the media profession’s existence as well as the standards of news.


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