Will data journalism replace traditional journalism?

This week, we move to data journalism. I am interested in the possibility of data journalism can replace traditional journalism.


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First of all, the premise of data journalism is a variety of data disclosure. If there is no data disclosure, data collection, collation and analysis cannot be conducted. However, it is not easy to get the big data, nor is it can be seen in all the areas covered by news reports. As a result, data journalism is a new form of news coverage in the era of big data, which reinforces certain areas of news reporting and makes up for the weakness of traditional news reports. Therefore, in my opinion, data journalism cannot completely replace traditional news reports but can complement traditional journalism.


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Secondly, big data in the amount of information on the advantages is easy to make people have too optimistic about the news reports base on big data. However, from the perspective of data properties and production, the fact is opposite. Firstly, it is very hard to prove the reliability of data journalism. In addition, the majority of the source of data journalism is from the government, enterprises, social groups and other public databases. Although these data provide sufficient statistical data for news reports, some valuable information is not public and even be protected as secrets. Thus, in my opinion, the data available to the media is limited. And in this case, the data analysis is likely to be inaccurate.


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