Presentation is everything

Image 1

Continuing on with what was discussed in the last post on ‘data journalism’, here we will take a more positive light and explore one of its facets: data visualisation. Quite literally, data visualisation deals with packaging process of all the material gleaned from data journalism. Again, bringing back what was said about the fast-paced nature of the online environment and attention spans shrinking, visuals represent one solution to that setback. Presentation is everything as audiences are able to access raw data themselves through the openness of the web.

Image 2

Data visualisation takes a page out of advertising’s book in terms of being able to translate raw black and white information into engaging graphics that catch attention mainly because it taps into an emotional level with respective audiences. The ability to engage with into audiences’ subconscious through a powerful rhetoric is a mnemonic technique instilled in data visualisation.

Image 3

The personal nature of this connection made sparks a sense of one-on-one moment in a one-to-many Web network. The advantages of graphically effective data visualisation could build up relationships and gain a loyal following from audiences with affiliated affinity. The distinction between ‘data visualisation’ and ‘data journalism’ is relevant as content quality may be faulted and compromised in some manner but graphics cannot be, in a sense that without it, chances of engagement is bleak.


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