The weaknesses of audience fragmentation in digital marketing

This week, our topic moves to Digital Audiences.  I found some interesting points of view about audience fragmentation in digital marketing.


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The social media itself is much more complex than the traditional media. The traditional media establishes a relationship between the media and consumers. However, the social media has formed multiple relationships between the media and consumers, consumers, and consumers. It focuses more on connection, interests, and contents between people, which is more complex.


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For the establishment of the brand, companies need to build a clear, single and consistent image, therefore, with traditional media, to pass a business appeal, a unique proposition, a visual image will be easier. However, in social media, a variety of fragmented information dissemination is passing a noisy voice, which is detrimental for the establishment of a clear brand image. As a result, consumers will publish a variety of comments at any time, which may damage the corporate brand image.


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In addition, the traditional media communication is strong and simple. A subject, a slogan, a demand, all can form a distinctive icon. In my point of view, as the most of the content that businesses spread in social media has nothing to do with the brand. The purpose of corporate communication can be seen as deviated from the brand. As a result, audience fragmentation may not be helpful in the age of digital media.

Image of male touching virtual icon of social network

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