Crowdsourced News as new media platform

The development of digital technology changes the habit of public access to information which leads to the decline of traditional press media. News industries are seeking for new platforms which can reach a wider audience, get more timely and accurate news in lower cost. The crowdsourced news is a good attempt.



According to Maria Krisette Capati at Crowdsourcing Week, public is exposed to a myriad of information and updates worldwide, people are more involved in providing information and upload them to social media instead of simply become an audience. And when citizen engagement, mass collaboration and online communities come into the scene, they are shaping the future of journalism and media.

Actually, the traditional internet companies have involved in the crowdsourced news development as well. Google announced its own crowdsourced news platform dubbed News Lab as part of their efforts “to empower innovation at the intersection of technology and media.” It is more like a tool to provides real-time stories and breaking news as raw material for journalist worldwide to report, create insight and tell a story which may never be heard before without crowdsourced.


Some may doubt that crowdsourced news may not be true journalism as it lacks authority. Besides, mass public may short of professionalism as a journalist, prejudice about events when reporting the news. It is difficult to achieve fair and objective which traditional news flaunted. However, the crowdsourced news is a concept that has been embraced by the open nature of the web. As ‘open source’ news reporting, most of the contributors are as first witnesses, they can provide a more intuitive feel for news scene. More often, the crowdsourced news played a role as message channel providers which offer news clues for news websites.


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