What is news industry that has not been influenced by digital media?

This week, our topic moves to Media and News Platforms. The ways where we access, consume, discuss, share and produce news stories are profoundly changed by digital platforms and digitalization.


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Digitalization is one of the main driving forces of the news industry in recent years. It affects the news value, professional ethics, workflow, working conditions, newsroom management and other aspects. Digital media has not only changed the practice of news in developed countries but also profoundly changes the way journalists work in emerging markets.


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Digital media brings opportunities to the news as well as risks and challenges. Digitization facilitates the collection and dissemination of news but does not necessarily lead to better news coverage. Plagiarism, lack of confirmation, and other non-professional journalism practice in many countries began to grow rapidly.


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Specifically,  digitalization has created new publishing platforms and channels of communication for professionals and citizen journalists. But most of the news published on that platforms do not seem to have more social impact. Digitalization even has brought great damage to the news in some countries.


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Secondly, despite the fact that digital platforms and independent medias provide professional and citizen journalists the opportunity to conduct research, investigation and then publish and disseminate news, in many countries, it is doubtful whether the original content created by such journalists is reliable.


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Last but not the least, although digital media gives the vulnerable groups and access to public comment, it does not change the traditional media in the face of sensitive issues when restricted, biased, a sensational way of reporting. Today, almost all of the candidates will use the social media platform to communicate with voters, but only a few countries can digitize and generate new political participants. However, digital media has greatly increased the volume of political discussions, bringing about the political interests of the general public.


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