What would life be like without the Internet  

After making a quick review of the history of Internet, I starting to think a ridiculous question, what would life be like without Internet, or even one step forward, without screen-based electronic devices. Actually, it is not a fresh idea, a couple of years ago, a group of high school students took part in a social experiment to turn off their electronic devices for a week.


(Peter (front and centre) worries about having his birthday during the screen-free trial. Photo: Craig Sillitoe)

This experiment put the tricky issue on the table, the “proper” use of the internet. On one hand, online technology is obviously considered as a useful tool that can help provide information to students and engages them in studying. However, the internet can also distract you to some extent, there seems to be an increasing amount of time we spend on social media, online chatting and online games. And this has become a great concern, especially to parents.


I start to thinking if I am one of them, can I survive this experiment? Unfortunately, the answer was pessimistic. As a person who was born in this technology era, I spend more than ten hours a day watching in screens and this is what shapes my life. Most of us used these technologies to keeping in touch with friends, relax, discover new things, the screen devices provide our sense of security in the digital age without which at least my life will fall into a huge panic. There are however many of us who practiced life before it’s time and has experienced a life without the Internet.a-day-without


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