Internet milestones: The first e-mail, virus and video

If you are 23 years old or older, you may have witnessed the dotcom bubble, the beginning of eBay, Amazon, Wikipedia, Facebook and Youtube, the first browser war, the y2k bug and the emergence of dating sites.


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However, far before the emergence of all that, there is a long list of Internet histories that can be considered the Internet milestones. I find this interesting, and it definitely made me feel like I’m so.. young.

We’ll discuss everything starting from the first email sent, the first virus formed, and the first video posted.

The first email

The first email has undoubtedly marked a historic point in the development of communication. The first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer, to himself in 1971. It was sent from his computer to another computer right beside him in Massachusetts, using the Arpanet. Tomlinson was also the first to come up with “@” between the username and the host computer. It is simply because the @ is not part of the address and “seemed logical”.

The first virus


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The first virus, which is known as the Creeper, was also first found in 1971. Though it is a virus, it did not damage data or computer at all, as it is an experimental self-duplicating program aimed to simply test out the mobile application. The first malicious worm, however, was founded later in 1988, known as Morris. It was founded by a Cornell University student, and successfully cripples thousands of computer, costing up to $10,000,000 financial loss.

The first video

What surprises me most is that Youtube, the most well-known video sharing site is only 12 years old! The development of Youtube has definitely changed the whole game of digital media.

Interestingly, it all started when the founders, former employees of Paypal, find difficulties in finding the video of Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction at 2004 Super Bowl online. They then have the idea of developing a video sharing site, that made these sort of things more accessible and available for everyone.

The first-ever video was posted by one of Youtube founder, Jawed Karim, in 2005, shortly after Youtube was born. The twenty-six-year-old uploaded the video named ‘Me at the zoo’, talking rather awkwardly about his interest in elephants’ “really really really long trunks”.


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So the list goes on and on as there’s always a first in everything. In this age of digital media, it is almost impossible to keep track of the first this and the first that, as the Internet keeps on evolving.

However, not everything will make it to the Internet milestones due to its significance. Now the question is, are you ready to witness the many firsts to come in the future?


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