Technology Journalism: The gender gap

When we scroll down the articles or blogposts in technology websites like TechCrunch, Mashable, and Wired, we can see how it is mostly dominated by male contributors.

As the attention towards technology websites increases, women only hold around 28% of the technology journalism, an example can be seen in TechCrunch.


Techcrunch Crunchies Award

What’s keeping women away from this industry? Is it simply because not many women are actually interested in this field? Or is it the question of sexism?

Holly Brockwell, the founder of Gadgette, shared how tough it is in the industry. She mentioned how women will always be labeled ‘female tech journalist’ instead of just a ‘tech journalist’. She brings up the issue of how harassments and trolling happen all the time with female tech journalist, but never with the male. Brockwell often being invited to events to talk, not about technology itself, but always about how it feels being a female in the technology industry.


Holly Brockwell, photo via DailyMail

According to the research done by the Nottingham Trent University, 20% of female tech journalists have disguised their gender to avoid harassment and sexisms. From the percentage above, it does not come as a surprise that women are not willing to participate in the technology journalism, as it puts them at risk.

After sharing her thoughts on the blogpost above, Brockwell, of course, receives a lot of backlashes. And guess what? It’s mostly from male columnists.

An example can be seen from this post by Kieren McCarthy. Mostly about calling Brockwell out for being fussy about nothing, just like a typical woman.

Now, you get the idea of how sexism really exists in this industry.


Photo via Plaid Zebra

However, the question is, is there still any room for women in the technology journalism?

Perhaps, the only way we can bring more women into tech journalism is to not seek acceptance from the male journalists, and for women to get each other’s back, for instance, by promoting knowledge exchange between one another, and encourage other women to contribute. So that we are not the ‘only one’ in the so-called, men’s field.


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