Technology journalist—- the new opinion leader in the digital age


Technology moves at a dizzying speed. Tech journalism has been changed unimaginable over the past decade. The only thing unchanged is that the demand for professionals who can connect users, tech companies and their new products together with the amazing story and breaking news, that is the existence meaning of technology journalists.

So what does a tech journalist do? Most of the time they serve as sources of information for cutting-edge technology and important to both consumers and companies for many reasons.  As the content they create is important to the audiences, they need to follow the trend, cover breaking news in technology and watch how users a reacting to new tech. When the importance of tech journalist conveys into credibility, they become opinion leader, they develop their influence through trust. In the digital age, people will decide to buy a brand new smartphone by the influenced of a review article by tech journalist or even a Twitter post.

Establish the influence like that will not only take time but also need a good track record. Journalistic integrity and be objective helps journalists avoid mistakes or prejudices, which are increasingly thrown around in the blogosphere. The thoughtful predictions and review based on industry expertise and hard date instead of the advertising from manufacturers. As a responsible opinion leader, the review article should not involve too many personal preferences or even benefit relationship. Being an opinion leader in the digital age doesn’t mean users will always agree with you.

For an excellent tech journalist, focusing on hard data and which features users may enjoy instead of relying on personal inclinations to make sales predictions can step a long way in journalism. It is much more challenging job in journalism, this is not surprising some of the tech journalists want to get rid of the career.


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