The tech journalist: an identity

Looking into the nature of tech journalism, it seems to be split into three writing perspectives: negative, positive and neutral. These types of perspectives have been lined up respectively based on popularity and interest with ‘neutral’ left behind in the dust.

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The competition between ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ or ‘Luddites’ vs. ‘Outsourced PR’, as each opposing side would dub the other in bitter resentment towards their views, has shed light on the blurry path that individual tech journalists may choose – initiative or incentive?


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Just like being in the environment of competition, there creeps confrontation. What happens when ‘Luddites’ go against ‘Outsourced PR’ from challenging each other’s view and clashing opinion? As with this related case of tech journalist versus tech journalist (Mic Wright vs. The Macalope), discredit befalls the loser. Going into the case study and how discredit in tech journalism differs from its traditional counterpart, we look at how it potentially begins. Tech news confrontation could escalate in terms of virality and in turn, fans/followers of respective sides would weigh in with their two cents on the matter. As fans/followers, their logic behind what they believe in could be skewed as the abundant type of tech news online influences whoever it reaches first or whoever it resonates to the most.

Image 3

As a result, said loser could be ‘discredited’ by being blacklisted online as being a hack, regardless of whether his/her reporting was reasonable or true. The permanent nature of the online world could spell disaster for one’s career that way.

Image 4

This exploratory study was to illuminate the warped nature of journalism that is affected by the advanced medium of technology.

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