5 steps you need to be a technology journalist

Tom talked something about technology journalism this week. Except for awesome technology news, I am more interested in how can be a technology journalist.

‘Like all other journalists, technology journalists must have a thirsty desire, and the best journalists will be given a superior memory like a library’


Well, I would like to add 5 tips for being a technology journalist:

1.Translate technology in an easy understanding way. The journalist’s job is to simply introduce the esoteric technological and scientific information to audiences, although many journalists are sometimes reluctant to do so.


(Google Image)

2.Concerned about the human side of the scientists. Highlight the links between scientists and ordinary people – such as hobbies, what they do when they fall into deep thought? What clothes do they wear in the lab? Are they shining in a discussion?


(Google Image)

3.When writing technology news, explain its connection with the reader’s daily life. For instance, try to tell readers how the potential of stem cell research would influence cancer treatment.


(Google Image)

4.Simplify technology with metaphor. The metaphor is an important part of technology coverage because it creates an impressive “image” from everyday life and culture, making technology easier to understand But some metaphor is overused, thus metaphor is not always a good choice.

Technology Pencil Metaphor

(Google Image)

5.Dealing with numbers. How many football field area is 6000 square meters? How many atoms can be held on a needle? To help your readers “visualize” the technological figures, rather than list these numbers out directly.


(Google Image)

There may have thousands of ways to be a technology journalist, the key is to have curiosity like a child.


(Google Image)


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