The news revolution under the social media era.  


With the rising popularity of social media, many pieces of research believe that social media may threaten journalism. However, others may argue that social media provides a good news channel for traditional journalism and brings along new opportunities that increase its credibility.

In the recent decades, social media has overtaken traditional journalism in terms of the timeliness from the natural disaster such as Haiti earthquake to breaking news. Research shows that over 50% of American heard breaking news through social media channel rather than an official news source.

Unlike other thinks social media may take place of traditional news, I’d rather say social media is a dynamics of news revolution as it provides journalism with a set of tools to help them in news gathering and dissemination. Journalism is truly acquired many from social media channel, the current pattern is that social media channel become the first-hand news sources while journalists play a role as interpreter to deep investigate and retell the story. Compare with serious news, rumours are rampant in social media channel which needs to be clarified and report by journalist.

On the other hand, the journalist can take the advantage of social media to tell a story much better. As a digital platform, social media can contain various of multimedia components, by including video, photos and graphics, the news content can be comprehensive in social media platform and no limit of column and airtime online. This has further enabled easy collaboration.


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