From a coverage of aircraft crash to see the news journalism in this social media era.

6th Jul 2013, “the US F.A.A said that an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft crashed at San Francisco airport while landing”. The New York Times first published this news on Twitter, and tweets attached to the website home page link. This tweet was forwarded 945 times, while The New York Times had 8.73 million followers on Twitter.


Experian’s survey shows that US users use smartphones for an average of 58 minutes a day, while social networking sites account for 52% of the phone’s capabilities. The trend shows that in the event of an incident, the user’s first habit is to pick up the smartphone, through the social media to understand the event; and then will open the computer news site, or open the TV viewing program for further information.


(Google Image)

From the media coverage of San Francisco aircraft crash, I can see two obvious features of the news journalism in the social media era. First, whether it is the traditional media era or social media era, timeliness is always the most critical elements of the news. Who published the news firstly, who would get users and traffic online.


(Google Image)

Second, social media and social platform are not able to fully replace the position of traditional media, at least not now. After the crash, the major medias released the early tweet but also began to send reporters rushed to the scene of the accident and the various press conference, following-up news reports. At this time, the traditional media began to replace the social media users, becoming the real news information generator.


(Google Image)


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